If Hitler saw Germany today, what would he think?

If Hitler saw Germany today, what would he think?

Envision briefly, that time travel is possible and Adolf Hitler suddenly appears in present-day Germany. As he glances around, his eyes would no doubt be wide with shock and confusion. The Germany he knew and fought for is long gone, replaced by a modern, multicultural society that he would find completely foreign.

As he meanders the roads, he would notice something immediately - the absence of the swastika and the Nazi symbols that once adorned every corner of the country. He would see the German flag, not the flag of the Third Reich. He would be horrified to see that the Germany he envisioned, a unified empire of pure Aryan blood, has been replaced by a diverse nation of immigrants and minorities.

As he surveys the landscape, he would be struck by the level of destruction that occurred during World War II. Cities he once knew, like Berlin, are now unrecognizable, having been rebuilt from the rubble left in the wake of the war. The once proud German buildings are now a symbol of their defeat and the death of millions of people.

But perhaps the most shocking revelation for Hitler would be Germany's current role in the world. He would find it hard to believe that the country he sought to conquer and dominate is now a leading member of the European Union and a powerful player in international politics and diplomacy.

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