Why doesn't Apple make their own search engine?

Why doesn't Apple make their own search engine?

In 2012, Apple tried to beat Google at something it was the undisputed king of - Maps. They introduced Apple Maps with iOS 6, replacing Google Maps as the default Maps application on iOS.

And for a while, all hell broke loose.

Not only was it incredibly shitty as compared to Google’s version (which was simply light years ahead), it was also pathetically broken. From stupid address mixups to missing buildings to weird bridge bugs, it was all a big mess. (It even called the city of Berlin “Schoeneiche” for some reason)

While Google had spent billions of dollars and millions of work hours to hone their product, Apple only had a “dozen” people working on Maps at the time of its launch.

So why didn’t people switch to Google Maps? It’s because Google supposedly decided to teach Apple a lesson by not submitting its application to the App Store until much later. A broken Maps application with almost no alternative — in the world’s second most widely-used smartphone operating systems.

And this is why, a company, even one as big as Apple, can’t just jump into new businesses.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor was Google’s online empire.

The masters are the masters for a reason. Google is the king of the internet while Apple rules the world of premium gadgetry - smartphones, laptops, etc.

If Apple indeed tried to get into the search business, it runs the risk of going down a hard path — one that can antagonist Google as well as dissatisfy its own customers.

Why risk all that when Google pays almost $3 billion a year to Apple to remain the default search engine on the iPhone?

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