What Is Black Hat SEO? Never Do These 6 Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO:- We do SEO to rank the website in the Google search engine. We all have a desire that the website should rank in Google. So many people do black hat SEO to get the website to rank as fast as possible.

What Is Black Hat SEO? Never Do These 6 Black Hat SEO

The question is what is Black Hat SEO? Why do Black Hat SEO? What are the results of Black Hat SEO? We will know the answer to all questions today through this article. So let's get started.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is a technique or method used to rank websites by violating search engine rules. Black hat SEO tactics attempt to manipulate search engine algorithms to increase a site's ranking. Simply put, this process is used to get top ranking in search engines.

Google and Bing search engines clearly state in their guidelines that black hat SEO is against their terms. They have also mentioned in their policy the consequences of such activities. In this process, the focus is only on the search engine and not on content quality or user experience.

Using Black Hat SEO techniques can get your website penalized. For example:- Algorithmically or through manual action will de-rank your site, reducing organic traffic. In many cases, websites are blocked.

What are the risks of doing black hat SEO?

There are many risks involved in Black Hat SEO. Which is directly related to your site rank. So those who are SEO experts avoid black hat SEO. 

But the fact is, many people, despite knowing it, disobey search engine guidelines and use black hat SEO to rank their sites. Their objective is to get organic traffic quickly.

But in real terms, the loss is more than the gain.

Search Rankings Go Down

If you do black hat SEO at first, you will get search ranking but it will not last long. Because Google's search algorithm is very smart. Google's search engine is getting more updated every year. Black Hat SEO can easily be picked up by search engines. Because the algorithms are made with artificial intelligence.

The main penalty of black hat SEO is that search rankings go down. As a result, organic traffic decreases and this directly affects site sales and revenue. 

Moreover, sites ranked through black hat SEO may not retain their rankings for long.

User Experience Decreases

User experience is important for SEO. If the user experience is bad, the site's rank will gradually decrease.

People who practice Black Hat SEO don't pay much attention to user experience. Because they don't write content for users but for search engines.

What Is Black Hat SEO? Never Do These 6 Black Hat SEO

Credibility is a big factor in site ranking. Black hat SEO can never gain credibility with search engines and users.

6 Black Hat SEO Never Do

When it comes to SEO, how to do SEO? It's often difficult to know which techniques you should use and which you shouldn't. Many people unknowingly use black hat SEO techniques. Because they don't know exactly what Black Hat SEO is.

Keyword Stuffing

The idea that using extra keywords on the page will do better in SEO is not correct. It has the potential for upside loss. In most cases, keyword stuffing is used more. 

Random use of keywords can cause the content to be misunderstood by the actual users. As a result, the user experience decreases. Keyword stuffing to fool search engines can get rank but on the other hand, the site loses rank later due to poor user experience.

Keyword Stuffing

Therefore, the use of keywords in the article should always be done according to the keyword density.

Duplicate content

"Content is the Key to success" But writing good content is not very easy. So many people take shelter to duplicate content or auto-generated(Bot) content. The quality of these contents is very low. Keyword overload is high. Search engines don't like duplicate content.

New bloggers easily make the mistake of using this type of process. Google can recognize this type of copied content very easily, as a result of which the copied content loses ranking in the future. 

Invisible keywords

Invisible keywords are text that is the same color as the background that is off-screen or behind an image, intentionally hidden from users using CSS, or even using a font size of zero. This is deceptive but sometimes used to stuff keywords.


Cloaking is a technique of serving different content or URLs to users and search engines, i.e. giving different information to search engines and users. The keywords you are writing about do not actually exist in your writing. It is an act of deception.


We all know how important the role backlinks play in increasing the search engine ranking of a website.

Nowadays link schemes are more used in black SEO. And everyone has a dilemma about this. Because it is directly related to backlinks. Many choose the wrong way to get backlinks. Moreover, there are offers to buy many backlinks at very low prices on the internet.

But these backlinks are not very useful in a practical sense. You need to get good backlinks to rank the site. Not good for all backlink sites. 

So avoid doing the following things to get backlinks:

  • Paid links not having rel="nofollow" or rel="sponsored" attribute.
  • Exchanging links additionally.
  • Spam comments.
  • Forum comments.
  • Campaign for guest posting.
  • Automatic link building.
  • Getting backlinks to spammy directory sites.
  • Link in site footer or sidebar.

Unrelated Meta Description

After writing any article, we basically give a short description of what the article is written about instead of the description of the web page. Targeted keywords and unrelated keywords are repeatedly used with this description so that the ranking can be obtained inappropriately in the search engine. 

It is important to use targeted keywords in the meta description, but the repeated use of a keyword or the use of irrelevant keywords is a spam technique. 

How to Avoid Black Hat SEO

The best way to avoid black hat SEO is to focus on white hat SEO practices that follow search engine terms. White hat SEO is the practice of arranging a website for search engines in a way that does not violate the search engine's terms of service. These include,

  • Quality content
  • Proper keyword optimization
  • Website loading speed
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Quality backlinking / link building
  • Internal linking

I hope I have been able to give you some idea about Black Hat SEO. Search engines are changing their algorithms day by day. Google gives core updates every year. And countless sites lose rank every time they update. So it is recommended to do white hat SEO instead of black hat SEO. This will help your website rank without any loss.

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