If I Won A Lottery of 1 Million Dollar, What Would I Do?

If I Won A Lottery of 1 Million Dollar, What Would I Do?

If I Won A Lottery of 1 Million Dollars, What Would I Do?


  1. Planning
  2. Implementation
  3. Conclusion


Well, This is a big amount. Before starting to use the money I need to plan what I will do with this amount. While planning, I have to take care of the plan's feasibility, Understand the need for a strategic plan, Set goals, and Develop assumptions or premises. Research different ways to achieve objectives, choose my plan of action, Develop a supporting plan, Implement the strategic plan, etc.


Implementing my plan is putting my goal into motion. This is the "doing" stage. Assign different parts of my plan to those people I feel can best accomplish them or I may decide to handle the implementation myself. Pull together all the resources I previously identified in the planning process.


If I get a big cash windfall from the lottery or other types of gambling, I will avoid the common mistakes: I will not do anything in a rash or go on a spending spree before I have hammered out an overall wealth management plan and done some long-term thinking and goal-setting. Before accepting any prize, I have to consider the financial implication of keeping it and making the decision that I will have the most positive impact on my long-term finances. Otherwise, My big win could turn into a losing proposition.


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