Living With Corpses!

There is no religion or people in the world who do not believe in death after birth. However, if a person dies from time immemorial, he will bury the dead body by following different customs or rules. At present, in different countries of the world, the bodies of people of different religions are buried in different ways.

Living With Corpses!

If a person leaves this world, he has to be buried. All religions have such provisions. But a strange tradition is going on in Pangala, Indonesia. Relatives live there with dead bodies. Not only that, the dead are bathed, clothed, and even fed every day.

The Toraja community in Pangala, a Muslim-majority country of Indonesia, has been following such a tradition for centuries. Pangaea in South Sulawesi, 160 km northeast of Bali, Indonesia. The Toraja community lives there. They are basically Christians.

They believe that death is not the end of life but a part of life. They believe that death does not mean leaving the body of the soul. Death means he is alive but very ill. So can’t walk, eat or even talk. Therefore, in case of the death of a relative of this community, special care is taken instead of a funeral.

Leaving the corpse of a loved one, they are allowed to drink water, food, and even cigarettes every day. They clean the whole body and put on new clothes. Loved ones do not feel that they are being neglected. They also open the lid of the coffin in time and talk to their loved ones. In this way, they keep their loved ones with them for a week, a month, or a year.

Then there is the funeral. The Torajas believe that after death the buffalo shows them the way to heaven. So it is obligatory for a dead person to sacrifice at least one buffalo. A middle-class family sacrifices 24 buffaloes at one’s funeral. The number of victims can increase if they can afford it.

To them, the first sacrificed buffalo to give up the last breath means the death of a loved one. Then the more buffaloes are sacrificed, the sooner the soul will reach heaven. Those who cannot afford to buy many buffaloes, sacrifice only one buffalo. However, even if it confirms the death of the person, there is a possibility that his soul will not reach heaven.

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