Why Is Sierra Leone's Official Language Bangla?

Why Is Sierra Leone's Official Language Bangla?

Mother, first language, and country are the three most darling subjects of an individual. The three appear to be tied in a similar string. One day we figure out how to communicate in the language of the mouth of the mother we experienced childhood in. In that language, I am called ‘Mother’. It is in this language that I express the entirety of my distresses, agonies, and sensations of joy. Global Mother Language Day is being praised on 21st February consistently all around the world appearance regard to all native languages of the world. On this day in 1952, many individuals including Rafiq, Jabbar, Shafiul, Salam, and Barkat were martyred for requesting to make Bengali one of the state dialects ​​of East Pakistan. After some time, that the Bengali language brought forth another nation called ‘Bangladesh’. The Bengali language has spread all around the world and surprisingly arrived in space.

Aside from Bangladesh, there is one more country on the planet whose Bengali has been perceived as the state language. The nation is Sierra Leone. Bengali is being utilized as the authority language in this country which is 15 thousand kilometers from Bangladesh.

Sierra Leone is known as the ‘Precious Stone Mining Poor Country’. Regardless of being a nation of normal excellence plentiful in multitudinous mineral assets, individuals of this nation are exceptionally poor and despondent. For quite a while there was a British province here. The province was worked around the free captives of the British Empire. They were all dark slaves. Sierra Leone acquired freedom from the British in 1961. The current protected name for Sierra Leone is the Republic of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast in West Africa. Its region is 71,740 sq km and its populace is around 6 million. There are 16 ethnic gatherings living in Sierra Leone, all with their own language and social traditions. Despite the fact that there are 16 ethnic gatherings, the two biggest and most persuasive gatherings are the Temane and Mende people group. In the north of Sierra Leone, the Temne ethnic gathering is prevalent, while in the southeast, the Mende ethnic gathering keeps up with strength.

Sierra Leone has gained notoriety for being the most strictly open-minded country on the planet. In Sierra Leone, 60% of the populace is Muslim, 30% native, and 10% Christian. In spite of the fact that Sierra Leone is a Muslim-greater part country, the Christian minority is powerful. In Sierra Leone, individuals of all beliefs are agreeable and serene. So strict savagery has never been an issue in Sierra Leone. Be that as it may, the fundamental issues of individuals of Sierra Leone were political precariousness and common conflict.

Why Is Sierra Leone's Official Language Bangla?

Soon after freedom in 1961, after the passing of the then Prime Minister in 1964, debasement, fumble, and ineptitude prompted disorder and political flimsiness in the country. Thus, the common conflict began in 1991. The destruction went on for over 10 years until 2001. Because of this common conflict decimation, assault and plundering occurred. Accordingly, the world of politics in Sierra Leone turned out to be very violent. Endeavors by West African nations to determine the Sierra Leone issue have fizzled. In 1996, a nonaggression treaty was endorsed between the public authority and the agitator bunch. Yet, when the revolutionary gathering disregarded the nonaggression treaty in 1997, common conflict broke out once more. The chosen government looks for the intercession of unfamiliar powers to determine the unpredictable circumstance, which has energized the viciousness.

Why Is Sierra Leone's Official Language Bangla?

At long last, in 1999, the United Nations assumed control over the obligation of setting up harmony in Sierra Leone. UN peacekeepers are entrusted with carrying harmony to Sierra Leone. Sends troops to UN peacekeeping missions in Sierra Leone from 13 nations, including Bangladesh. Right away, a multitude of 775 individuals from Bangladesh assumed responsibility for a spot called Lungi in the southern piece of Sierra Leone. Later more armed force individuals from Bangladesh went to Sierra Leone and spread all around the country. At a certain point, around 300 Bangladeshi warriors were cooperating in Sierra Leone. After the foundation of harmony, the Bangladesh group returned in 2005. An aggregate of around 12,000 warriors of the Bangladesh Army was sent to set up harmony in Sierra Leone.

The commitment of the Bangladesh Army to Sierra Leone couldn’t possibly be more significant. In a country that has been near the very edge of breakdown for over a time of common conflict, nobody might find envision that harmony would get back to that nation and the existence of its kin would get back to business as usual. The Bangladesh Army has had the option to achieve that outlandish errand. The Bangladesh Army looks to fabricate certainty and security among the clashing countries to take them back to ordinary life notwithstanding their customary military exercises. As a method for correspondence, the overall armed force kept on utilizing English just as Bengali. Albeit English is communicated as an authority language in Sierra Leone in government organizations and schools, Creo is as yet the most generally communicated language in the nation and among every one of the distinctive ethnic gatherings in the country. Cryo language is utilized particularly in business exchange and social correspondence between various ethnic gatherings. Likewise, individuals of Sierra Leone became capable in another dialect.

Individuals from the Bangladesh Army appear to have gone to individuals of Sierra Leone as representatives of harmony. The Bengali language spoken by the individuals from the military was acknowledged by the commoners of Sierra Leone with extraordinary interest. Individuals from the Bangladesh Army calmly started showing them the Bengali language. Notwithstanding the language, individuals of Sierra Leone got more familiar with the Bengali culture. It is to be noticed that in the spaces where there were individuals from the Bangladesh Army, local people, particularly the young, could communicate in Bengali. As the peacekeepers of Bangladesh engaged in different social exercises, local people began utilizing the Bangla language in different parties. Local people are seen performing Bengali moves and melodies in the social program. The Bengali language turned out to be extremely well known in Sierra Leone because of the government assistance of the Bangladesh Army. Because of local people learning the Bengali language to work, the Bangladesh Army is a long way in front of the peacekeepers of different nations in setting up harmony and revamping the country.

Because of the social and administration exercises of the Bangladesh Army, individuals of Sierra Leone started to adore the individuals from the Bangladesh Army. Peacekeepers from a sum of 31 nations were working from start to finish to build up harmony in Sierra Leone. The Bangladesh Army was a special case, in spite of the fact that there have been a few assaults on Sierra Leone rebel bunches on various occasions by individuals from the military in pretty much every country. There is no point of reference for such assaults on individuals from the Bangladesh Army in light of the fact that the Bangladesh Army won the hearts of individuals of Sierra Leone. This is the principal motivation behind why the Bengali language is generally spread among local people.

Harmony got back to Sierra Leone in 2002. The Government of Sierra Leone and individuals of Sierra Leone are appreciative of the job that the Bangladesh Army experiences played in keeping up with harmony in Sierra Leone and in reconstructing the conflict-torn country. Before long the arrival of harmony to the country, Sierra Leonean President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah rushed to offer his thanks. He made Bengali the authority language of the nation to make the job of Bangladesh Army individuals significant. In acknowledgment of the Bangladesh Army’s enthusiastic work and commitment to harmony building and country building, President Ahmed Tejan Kabba pronounced Bengali as one of the authority dialects ​​of Sierra Leone during the introduction of the 54 km street developed by the Bangladesh Army on 12 December 2002. Uncommon Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Oluimi Adenji, and Commander of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force, Lt. Col. Some more, including General Daniel Ismail. Afterward, on October 21, 2003, President Kabba paid a three-day visit to Bangladesh to offer his thanks to Bangladesh.

Why Is Sierra Leone's Official Language Bangla?

Through this, the Bangla language gets acknowledgment and status as the state language in some other nations after Bangladesh. Be that as it may, the Bangladesh government didn’t find any authority ways to advance, spread or trade the Bengali language in Sierra Leone. In any case, the Bengali language is as yet heard in the mouths of individuals in various pieces of Sierra Leone. Individuals of Sierra Leone actually recall the commitment of the Bangladesh Army. At the point when we sing in Bengali on the 21st of February, the International Mother Language Day, “আমার ভাইয়ের রক্তে রাঙানো একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি………”(Amar Vhai er rokte rangano ekoshe February…….), at that point somebody communicated in Bengali in a country with something else altogether found 15,000 kilometers from Bangladesh.

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