What is Esports? Future of Bangladesh Esports


What is Esports? Future of Bangladesh Esports

What is Esports? Future of Bangladesh Esports
League of Legends European Championship Finale

What is Esports?

Esports is similar to cricket or football but the difference is that it is online and video games. Here too there are teams, leaders, coaches, plans, strategies, and audiences. Cricket, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Kabaddi, Biscuit Run, Bull Fight, and Chicken Fight are the names of different sports, also DOTA, CS GO, Valorant, PUBG, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Street Fighter are some of the games which are You have to play using computer or smartphone. And these games can be played online as a competition. These competitions are held on the global stage like cricket and football.

Is Esports gambling?

Just like cricket football has trophies, and player of the match awards, Esports events also have trophies and other awards. It can be money or a medal. That is, if Esports is gambling then cricket and football are also gambling.

What is the future of Esports?

E-Sports has already become a multi-billion dollar industry. And this industry is only expected to grow. With many companies sponsoring, events being broadcast on national TV, and huge tournaments happening worldwide. E-sports events are being organized officially in educational institutions in developed countries. 

Is it possible to become Shakib Al Hasan or Messi by playing Esports?

You can definitely go near the edge. Johan “N0tail” Sundstein is said to be the most popular and richest Esports star in the world. He is a Danish DOTA player. Earnings from all his tournaments together are around 69 crores taka.

Why are you jailed in Bangladesh if you play Esports?

Brother, what better results can you expect to sell mirrors in the land of the blind?

Video games are an addiction, it spoils people, right?

Extremely wrong! Because addiction can be anything. Reading books is also an addiction. If someone forgets bathing, eating, family, and society and just reads books then no one will call him normal. Similarly, excessive game addiction is not good either.

What is your opinion about the PUBG/Free Fire game?

It's a game just like any other video game. But it has reached a little more root level due to the mobile game. And with mobile phones in everyone's hands, some are uncontrollably addicted to this game which is not good for them at all. But yes, it's a different matter if someone is not playing just for fun but using their skills professionally.

Should PUBG/Free Fire be banned?

If proper research proves that because of PUBG/Free Fire addiction, students are not studying, or wasting extra time, then I am in favor of banning it. But yes, a better method than a ban is to control kids, not give mobile phones before proper age and proper guidelines from family.

In short, we have to selectively follow global trends. Just because something is happening globally doesn't necessarily mean it will or should be the same in our country. Some things take time to develop in our country. But it is not desirable to suddenly throw someone into jail. This happened today because we can't know so much about Esports. None of them know that even playing this game, the flag of Bangladesh can be taken to the world court.


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