Tower Of Silence: Parpar's Address

Tower Of Silence: Parpar's Address

 The place is the so-called burial place. However, there is no burial, nor is the body buried Instead, the corpse is left under the open sky. So that the eagle can tear the body and eat it Thinking about it? But that is the rule of the Persian funeral Dedicating a dead body to the world Even after death, to employ oneself for the benefit of the world

In India also there is a place for the burial of Persians It is called the “Tower of Silence”. The Persian families left naked corpses at the head of a huge castle. And, then everyone knows what happens to that corpse.

It can be heard that there is no human movement in this Tower of Silence. Percy families come here just to keep the corpses. After dedicating the corpse to the earth, the family members of the deceased returned from there. It is said that the tower is so quiet even during the day that it makes a noise when the pin is dropped. The Tower of Silence, near the Malabar Hills in Mumbai, simply reveals the location of countless bodies.

It is heard that even during the day, one does not dare to go to the house of the dead alone. Even in a densely populated city like Mumbai, it is shocking to know the whereabouts of such a dead! You can find a castle that you can think of, with rows of corpses on the roof! Whoever eats Chile, some vultures!

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